White C Serum

White C Serum

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A luminosity concentrate, this firming serum boasts a gel texture that contains Vitamin C leverages its anti-oxidizing power to tackle hyperpigmentation - Vitamin B5 ensures the skin is properly moisturized, making it bright and supple - Lux-Factor, the intelligent La Colline complex, targets on pigmentation spots for a more even complexion.  

Content: 30ml

Exclusive Complexes
  • Cell White features a unique formula base:

    Stabilized Vitamin C:

    Leverages its anti-oxidant powers to tackle hyperpigmentation.


    A soya-cress combination. These two natural extracts provide dual anti-spot action. Together, they correct pigmentation spots by curbing the production of Melanin and lipofuscin (pigments responsible for skin tone) and Tyrosine kinase (an enzyme that contributes to the appearance of age spots)

    An AHA duo (lemon and grapefruit extracts):

    Combined, these fruit acids help to exfoliate skin, removing dead cells and fostering skin renewal.

    CMAGE® Complex:

    La Colline's signature complex which activates vital cell functions: moisturizing, oxygenation and protection to preserve youthful appearance.

    White C Serum is also enriched with Vitamin B5 which ensures the skin is properly moisturized, making it bright and supple.

    More radiant skin: 90%
    Clearer complexion: 80%
    More hydrated and more comfortable skin: 95%
    Softer skin: 85%

    *Self-assessment carried out by 20 women aged between 40 and 65, after 28 days of daily use of White C Serum, Absolute White Day Cream and Absolute White Night Cream in combination.

How to use
  • In the morning, apply to the face and neck before Absolute White Day Cream or White Protector, and at night before Absolute White Night Cream. Be sure to use a sunscreen in the day time when using this serum.

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