La Colline


High Technology, Aesthetic Subtlety


La Colline’s product range comprises 7 skincare entries offering sophisticated solutions to the anti-aging needs of a clientele that includes both women and men.

A pioneer in the use of collagen masks, an advanced technology for stimulating the cellular bio-matrix, La Colline develops exceptional treatments for optimal anti-aging effectiveness.

Its innovative formulas are based on high-performance biotech active ingredients and botanical extracts that deliver immediate and long-lasting visible results to beautify the skin.

In addition to the technical and scientific sophistication of its products, La Colline also takes the utmost care in the development of their textures.

This unique signature serves as the cornerstone for a product range that embodies the very definition of Excellence in premium anti-aging skincare.

Now a world-famous expert in its field, La Colline has enjoyed tremendous success far beyond the borders of its native Switzerland, especially in Asia.