The Power of CMAge® Complex


The Anti-Aging Power of La Colline

Where It All Began

Many years ago, along the shores of the Swiss Biotechnological Riviera, were a group of scientists studying the three vital elements for life: oxygenation, hydration and protection. Throughout their studies, the scientists became determined in finding a solution to improve cell-oxygenation. They knew that they had to create a sophisticated technology that would work deep within the skin, right at the heart of each cell. Through great trial and effort, their achieved their goal and the CMAge® Complex was born. The Complex was designed to stimulate cellular metabolism and contains key ingredients that promote cell-oxygenation through hydration and protection. The exclusive CMAge® Complex is the cornerstone of La Colline’s brand and is at the core of every single one of our products.

The Power of CMAge®

The technology is a combination of six of the finest botanical active ingredients. These carefully sourced active ingredients undergo a bio-fermentation process to ensure that only ingredients of the highest quality are being extracted for the products. The bio-fermentation process also helps to stabilize the ingredients, resulting in the most effective formulation.


Dunaliella Saline (alga) and Oat Proteins protect the mitochondria and promote improved oxygenation levels by increasing levels of cellular ATP (energy) and stimulating cellular metabolism.


Hyaluronic Acid (high weight) creates a semipermeable film to hydrate and retain water at the surface of the skin, ensuring suppleness, elasticity and firmness.


The protective element of The Complex is composed of three key ingredients: complex of Ceramides, Wheatgerm DNA and Artemisia. The complex of Ceramides is used to maintain the integrity of the skin’s superficial layer and protect against dryness. Wheatgerm DNA is used to protect against elastase activity and mimics a healing process for DNA cells. Finally, Artemisia is used to protect the cell from any free-radical activity. Artemisia is a highly tolerant plant that can survive in even the harshest climates; it is filled with anti-oxidants and holds anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The Artemisia that is used in the CMAge® Complex is cultivated in Switzerland.

Every Step of the Way

With accessibility to a worldwide network of specialized researchers and scientists, as well as the CMAge® Complex acting as a driving force,  La Colline will continue to push boundaries in the world of beauty and cellular skincare.