Cellular Lip Shaper

Cellular Lip Shaper

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Incorporating the full extent of La Colline's extensive anti-aging know-how, Lip and Coutour Remodelling Care delays the visible signs of aging and gives even dry, chapped lips a plump and alluring look.


Active Ingredients

CMAge® Complex/ Lipulp Extract/ Mango Butter/ Shea Butter/ Shorea Butter


Lips replumped and reshaped, the look of the wrinkles around the lips reduced, the lips radiates youthful beauty, prevents bleeding of lipstick and holds lipsticks more effectively.

An average reduction of 81% in the width and depth of lines around the lip contour after 15 days.*
*In vivo test on 8 volunteers, active ingredients dosed in the same percentages as the formula, results measure by image analysis.

For best results, apply Lip Shaper morning and evening on cleaned lips, gently massage it within the lips.

May also be used as a lip mask in a thicker layer and go to sleep with it.